Service Contract for Partner Drivers

1. Presentation

The Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver company is a private chauffeur company that can be consulted on the website: with chauffeur-driven transport vehicles (VTC), at a fixed price known in advance, exclusively on reservation and at a previously defined price.

The head office of Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver is located at 31 rue Vieille Voie, 44110 Châteaubriant.

The company Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver is registered in the Trade Register under the number 84787455900010 and in the Register of Operators of Car Transport with Driver of the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea, under the number EVTC 044190015.

2. Object

The purpose of these General Conditions is to define the conditions applicable to transport service contracts concluded between Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver and the partner drivers.

By using the services of Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver, the driver is presumed to have read these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and to have fully accepted them.

3. Membership Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver

The independent VTC drivers of Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver , subscribe to a contract, which gives them the right to receive offers of rides.

Under no circumstances does Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver guarantee you a turnover or a number of allocated journeys.

The vehicles and drivers accepted by Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver are subject to the free assessment of the latter according to the needs of the customers, as a general rule do not exceed 6 years, will not be able to be operated on our network, in accordance with the quality charter.

4. Conditions of membership

Managers and self-employed drivers must post driver documents online. In addition to the exhibition also visible as possible of the VTC badge, here is according to the public service the conditions that must be respected:

It is compulsory to take out specific motor insurance for the transport of persons for hire or reward and this must be proven during any inspection: The vehicle must undergo an annual technical inspection. The insurance required as a professional driver: Operating liability and traffic liability.

In addition, as Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver has an obligation of vigilance, you must submit :

5. Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver races

Rides are allocated to all drivers affiliated to Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver, they are allocated, on the Prestidriver application of the partner driver, with a booking form with the order number.

During the proposal of the race, you have the details of the order with: the date and time of the pick-up, the address of departure, the address of arrival, the coordinates of the customers, the price of the race without the commission.

6. Rules of the races

All the services of the drivers by transfer or provision is payable by bank transfer every week, on Wednesdays, on the bank account of the driver.

Payment by clients must be made 15 days before the start date of the mission.
Payment methods accepted: bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX) via a secure payment link (Stripe) by e-mail or SMS after acceptance of the quote, or by bank transfer, or directly on the Prestidriver mobile application.

7. Rates Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver

Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver sets the price of the service in accordance with the information provided by the Client. The prices indicated in our tariffs include VAT at the rate fixed by the regulations in force for the transport services (10% for transfers, 20% for the provision of services), the driver service, the fuel and the unlimited insurance of the transported persons, are included in the transport. Tolls and parking fees are not included in the service. Rates are available on the website or the mobile application by entering your departure and destination addresses on the simulator.

Single trip

8. Provision / Transfer


The transfer service starts at the address of your company’s headquarters and ends when the customer arrives at the address .

Any overrun of the route provided in the reservation form is added to the price of the race previously set with the rates and commissions Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver.


The transportation is in limited mileage within the framework of provision to the hour:

Any hour started is due in full. Any overrun of the route specified in the reservation form will be added to the price of the journey previously fixed with the rates and Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver commissions.

9. Fees and commissions


The fees for using Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver are in the form of a commission.

The commission starts at 15%.

The race is from 25 EUR / 2.00 EUR per km.

These rates are subject to change over time.

7-passenger van

The fees for using Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver are in the form of a commission.

The commission starts at 15%.

The fare is from 50 EUR / 2,50 EUR per km.

These rates are subject to change over time.

8-passenger van

The fees for using Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver are in the form of a commission.

The commission starts at 15%.

The fare is from 50 EUR / 2.60 EUR per km.

These rates are subject to change over time.

10. Reservation and cancellation


Partner drivers agree to abide by all the terms and conditions of this contract.

No changes to the terms and conditions shall be made except by prior agreement between the parties.

This contract will be suspended or cancelled automatically and without compensation of any kind except in cases recognized as force majeure by the driver (event outside Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver) such as disruption of traffic, bad weather, demonstrations, accidents, breakdowns or malfunctions of telecommunication networks, shortage of manpower or breakdown of equipment.

The order is considered concluded once the race has been validated by the driver by e-mail, SMS or by phone call.
Otherwise, it is automatically null and void.

Any reservation of a car with driver is booked at least 2 hours in advance via the website: or on the mobile application Prestidriver or by phone according to the availability of drivers for instant booking.

The driver must be, in any case, 5 to 10 minutes in advance at the meeting place before the scheduled time.
Always announce yourself to the client and the receptionist, which will serve as proof in case of a dispute.


A reservation can be cancelled by the customer, before the pick-up time indicated in the reservation form, by e-mail only at, directly on the mobile application or by phone at

For Sedan services:

11. Price increase / delay

Any delay of the passenger(s) in relation to the pick-up time indicated on the reservation form will result in an increase in the price of the service, in the event that the client warns the driver or Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver by telephone at, according to the following terms and conditions:

More than 15 minutes late: 10 euros

More than 30 minutes late: 25 euros

In case of absence of the customer on the place of the appointment, beyond the first 15 minutes free, without any demonstration of its share, nor of answer to the telephone call of the driver, the service will be definitively lost, without possibility of postponement and without being able to claim with any refunding.

The driver is compensated for 50% of the fare, up to a maximum of EUR 50.00.

12. Quality of service

The transport of people for a fee is a regulated activity.
Only authorized vehicles can perform this service:

Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver is guaranteed by a solvent insurance company that covers the risks associated with its activity in accordance with the regulations in force. MMA contract n° 000000145350785.

In the event of a dispute, the responsibility of the company Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver can only be retained on the condition that the customer and the driver provide proof of wrongful conduct on the part of the company and a causal link with the alleged damage.

14. Responsibility of the driver and the persons transported

The customer is legally and criminally responsible for his actions.

The client undertakes for himself and for the passengers for whom he has contracted Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver as soon as he is picked up, in particular, to respect the driver and the transport equipment as well as the following provisions:

Failure to comply with these provisions shall engage the exclusive responsibility of the client and passengers with regard to Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver and third parties. The company Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver, declines any responsibility concerning the actions of its customer before and after its transport.

Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver reserves the right to refuse to take charge of a passenger who does not respect these obligations as well as an alcoholic passenger.


15. Termination applicable to transport service contracts concluded between Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver and partner drivers.

Any termination of the contracts for transport services for professional misconduct, does not give right to any refund on the last race that was previously booked.

16. Claims

Any complaint is admissible within 5 days, by e-mail of the execution of the transport service concerned. Any dispute shall be referred to the courts of the place of the head office of the Loire Atlantique Presti’Driver company.

17. General driver information

The partner driver declares to have read the General Terms of Use of the service on the website and the mobile application and the terms of sale attached to the contract.

Sign and mention ”read and approved

Partner driver

The Ordering Party


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